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Hey everyone, 

When i call customerAddressCreate and customerAddressUpdate, I do not think there is an address validation. This is the object that I sent : 

{"address1": "Aaaaa", "address2": "Aaa", "city": "Aaaa", "country": {"areaCodes": null, "dialCode": "32", "iso2": "be", "name": "Belgium", "priority": 0}, "firstName": "Aaaa", "province": "Aaaa", "zip": "Aaaaa"} 

Then there is no error. However, there is an address validation when I call checkoutShippingAddressUpdateV2.
When I want to use the address that I create there is an error and it says: "Please enter a valid zip for Belgium". 

In other words, A user not able to user an address that he/she create it.

How can I prevent users from encountering such a problem?

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