Allow clients to update live theme safely - Github integration

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For our client stores we are currently using 3 themes linked with our Github account to process theme changes.

Our current setup is:

  • A client-branch where clients can make changes
  • A development-branch where our developers can make changes
  • A main-branch where all changes are combined, this is the published theme.

Currently we have to manually merge the client-branch with the main-branch whenever a client has brought changes to their theme that they want published on the live site. I was wondering if there is an option to automate this process so the client can still make changes in their own client-branch but also have the option to publish these changes to the live-theme without our help. 


The reason we don't want our clients to make changes to the live theme directly is because we still want to be able to have a return point in case something goes wrong on the client side that we need to fix. But we also want to give our clients more freedom in when they publish theme changes on their store.


Does anybody have any experience with these issues that they could share with, or could enlighten me in their way of handling client changes to a theme?


Thanks in advance!

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