An issue with receiving orders through API

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App id 668922
app name Sellbery

We have an issue with receiving orders through API
We use method:api.order.list,  - {
status: ‘open’,
limit: 250,
created_at_min: ‘2022-12-13T15:04:55.816Z’

And receive error - ‘[API] This app is not approved to access REST endpoints with protected customer data. See for more details.’

We don’t use sensitive customer data. We need only order id, quantity and price.

What should we do?

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Having the same issue.


Something I've found is that if you set your app to single-merchant link distribution, your request will work without any issues.


So if that distribution type applies to you, that might fix your issue. It unfortunately doesn't fit my needs, so I'm still stuck.

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HI,Have you solved the problem? How was it solved?