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API Help

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Hello.  I started my journey on Shopify a bit backwards because I was not clear on the path to integrate Shopify to my GearBubble account.  I need an API.  


To complicate it further, the person I hired to help really didn't understand it either and just copied my Etsy store to my Shopify account, but of course it is not active yet and there is no active integration happening because that is not how it is supposed to work..


What I really need is to be able to integrate my Shopify to GearBubble with an API.  I just can't figure it out.  I have tried to get more help from a Shopify expert, but I am afraid I mucked it up and they don't understand either.


Can anyone help me undo this mess?  Or is there someone you recommend who can help me?  I am so frustrated and losing time on sales because of my mistakes.


Thanks so much!



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