App requirements for using Storefront Api ONLY to get current inventory level

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We are currently building a public app that needs to display product information on the store inside a popup from where products can be added to cart.

The thing is that we need to display "Product is out of stock" if the current inventory is equals to 0 and if the merchant doesn't allow to sell out of stock products.

In order to avoid reaching the Admin API rate limits from the server-side, we want to retrieve the data from the client-side with the Storefront API.
However, to use this API, we need to turn our app into sales channel, and thus, potentially meet all the inherent requirements described here.

If we need to get the inventory level only, or even other vanilla product information like title, images, price, etc.. through the Storefront API, will we still need to meet all the aforesaid requirements?

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Hi Thomas,

Any update on this?