Approval to charge merchant outside of the Shopify Billing API

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How do apps like ShipStation gain approval to charge merchants outside of the Shopify Billing API?
This is a checkbox in the app listing when submitting for review:image.png


Our app is for existing users to import their Shopify shipments, so there's no need to charge the customer double through the Shopify Billing API.
Other than submitting a support ticket and waiting a few weeks, is there another way to gain approval? Maybe I missed it. I've heard app reviews can take a long time, so I wish there were some way to gain external charges approval before submitting the app for review.


It looks like there's no known solution for this publicly, but it's worth a shot. 


Note: This is my second attempt at posting this. The first post was removed, but I didn't receive a notification as to why. If a mod deletes this, please let me know what rules I'm breaking.

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