Automatically removing and adding product to a user's cart

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We are working on a custom ecommerce native app with Shopify integration and wondering if there is a way of leveraging the Shopify APIs for the below desired functionalities:

Cart expiration

Desired user experience: Once a user adds a product to the cart, this item should be deducted from inventory and on hold for the user for a specific amount of time (configurable in our backend), if user has not completed purchase within that time frame, the product needs to be removed from user's cart and returned to inventory.

Question: is there an API we can use that can based on a specific timestamp REMOVE a product from a user's cart?

Automatic waitlist

Desired user experience: We will build out a waitlist functionality service in our backend, meaning a user can add an out of stock product to their waitlist, once this product is back in stock, we want to be able to add that waitlist item to a user's cart automatically.

Question: is there an API we can use that can, based on our waitlist service, ADD a product to a user's cart?




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