Best Practices for Custom Domain Checkout with Shopify Hydrogen on Vercel

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Hello everyone,


I'm reaching out to seek advice and insights on setting up custom domains for the checkout process in a Shopify Hydrogen stack. We initially set up a Hydrogen channel but faced consistent issues with Oxygen deployments. As a workaround, we are now hosting on Vercel using the same Hydrogen channel.


Our current setup looks like this:


We aim to achieve the following structure:



Additionally, we want to ensure that when users click on the store logo or name during checkout, they are redirected back to the storefront (, maintaining a seamless and branded experience.


Currently, clicking on the logo/name in the checkout redirects users to our temporary Hydrogen development domain (, which is not ideal for the customer experience.


I would greatly appreciate any guidance on:


  1. Setting up a custom domain for the checkout process while hosted on Vercel.
  2. Ensuring the store logo/name in the checkout links back to the storefront domain.
  3. Any best practices or considerations specific to Shopify Hydrogen and Vercel integration for this purpose.

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions and experiences!


Best regards,


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