[bug] Storefront GraphQL Response Limited to 1000 products when "filters" param is used

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It seems the behavior of the Storefront API (2022-04) when running a GraphQL query has changed.  It now seems limited to 1000 products when the "filters" parameter is used. 

Has anyone else noticed this change?  This seems to have changed around the end of May 2022 or early June 2022.


I have a collection that has more than 1000 products.  It has over 3000.

If I use Storefront API to run a graphql query, it will return the correct number of products, granted I have to use the cursor (as expected).

HOWEVER, if I run the same query using a filter (ie "filters: [{ available: true }]", the results are limited to the first 1000 products, even though there are over 1000 products that qualify.  I also tested this using a different filter on productVendor, it was also capped at 1000.

It was previously not capped and would return the entire product set as filtered (again, with the expected cursor based pagination).


Query shown below.  If I remove the "filters" param, it works as expected.


I need this query to NOT be limited to 1000 products.  This was the whole purpose of building a custom collections page using Storefront GraphQL API - to get around the 1000 limit.



query getProducts{
collection(handle: "all-products") {
products(first: 250, filters: [{available: true }], after: <endCursor> ) {






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