Can I get "Report by ..." per Private app?

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I'm about to implement integration with Shopify using Storefront API. I'm gonna create a "Private app" and use `.webUrl` as for the checkout process.

After future implementation and some sales made – would I be able to get sales report that covers only orders made via this Private app?

Or I would if I add somethings to Storefront checkout API? Or maybe it is in "Report by sales channel" by default?

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It should be in the report by sales channel by default.

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Hi @sewerynzeman - you can review all of your different sales channel data with BeProfit Profit Tracker also. The benefit of using the BeProfit app is that you can easily filter through all of your data by whichever sales channel(s) you want to review. Plus you can create, schedule, and export custom reports with the app.

There's a lot more to the app than that, but this is what relates most to your original question.

Try BeProfit and let us know if you find it helpful. Plus, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the app, we're always happy to get feedback! Good luck