Can't Fetch all products?

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I am fetching from the Storefront API and at first my products were coming through. But since adding new products, only some are showing. I am positive they are all set to Active on the dashboard. Just can't figure out why some show and others do not. I am using js in react. No errors are showing. Any ideas?



class Store extends Component {
      // create a constructor for the component
  //set initial state of the application
    this.state ={
      isCartOpen: false,
      checkout: { lineItems: [] },
      products: [],
      collection: [],
      shop: {}
  // set each of the functions to this state with bind()

  this.handleCartClose = this.handleCartClose.bind(this);
  this.addItemToCart = this.addItemToCart.bind(this);
  this.updateQuantityInCart = this.updateQuantityInCart.bind(this);
  this.removeLineItemInCart = this.removeLineItemInCart.bind(this); 

  // create functions

    componentWillMount() {
        this.props.client.checkout.create().then((res) => {
                checkout: res
        this.props.client.product.fetchAll().then((res) => {
                products: res
        this. => {
                shop: res



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@Legz444 wrote:

 I am positive they are all set to Active on the dashboard.

Are they active AND published to the relevant sale channel like for online-sale, buy buttons, private?


In case of sales channels 


If building test suites you'll want to have a check and logging for that situation.

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