Cannot remove last remaining item from cart

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I'm building a site for a client using Nuxtjs and the nuxt-shopify NPM package which looks to be making use of the storefront graphql API.

All is working fine to retrieve items, create carts, add to card, checkout but when removing items from the cart, the final item to be removed throws an error. Only the last item remaining no matter what product it is.

The error doesn't give much information away. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


message: "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.
Request ID: e3b48fce-ed25-4fd4-80b7-a9aa5b7d53e9 (include this in support requests)."
extensions: {
  requestId: "e3b48fce-ed25-4fd4-80b7-a9aa5b7d53e9"

Screenshot 2022-10-27 111505.png

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Did you ever figure this out?
I'm having this same issue.

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I think I just deleted the cart and created a new one if I tried to remove the last item. I don't think I ever found a proper solution, although the way I did it works fine.