change in transfers interface has broken .next_incoming_date for products that do not have variants

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The change to Transfers (on 15th of December 2022, see changelog below) has broken .next_incoming_date for products that do not have any variants. Products that do have variants still work fine. All old transfers that I still have pending work fine. But any new transfers I add do not work.



Changes to Tranfers:

Deryn Cox
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We are also experiencing issues with the next_incoming_date, but also for products with variants.


As of the 15th of December, the variant.next_incoming_date is not present in the variant JSON data, thus breaking the logic in our frontend for incoming transfers.


When can we expect a fix for this bug?

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Same problem here. We rely on the Inventory Transfer date to update customers on upcoming inventory. This is now gone and we need a fix to this bug as well. None of our products have variants.