Checkout currency issue when creating checkout with different buyerIdentity than shipping address

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I have a situation and i need some help/guidance: Let's say i created the checkout with buyerIdentity "DE" (Germany), and i am querying the checkout object with the directive @inContext(country: DE), so everything will be received in EUROS. 
Now when the user is on step 1 of checkout and wants to ship to another country, let's say UK, Shopify automatically updates the cart buyerIdentity to 'UK' so everything is received in "GBP" instead of "EUROS", i even tried to create a new checkout after Shopify does that, new checkout with all details of the old checkout, but in the input object the buyerIdentity set to "DE", i did that but i still receive everything in GBP instead of EUROS, so even though i try to create the checkout with buyerIdentity set to "DE" it still comes as response to "GBP".
I have attached the graphQL call of the checkout create so you can see both the payload and the response. 
Basically i want the user to be able to pay in EUROS and ship to UK and the user to receive the taxes + duties exchanged from GBP to EUROS.
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