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I am working on a project building a custom store solution that uses the Storefront API. We are using the Checkout Custom Attributes to carry information to our backend CMS once a Checkout is completed. We would also like to use the Checkout Object to store some information between Customer visits to the site. I have been through the documentation and am unable to find any mention of an expire time for the Checkouts. However, when reviewing the documentation related to Abandoned Checkouts it states that Abandoned Checkouts are removed from the Shopify Admin after three months. Does that mean that the related Checkout Object is also deleted or would I still be able to retrieve the Checkout Object using the Checkout ID even after the three months have passed?  

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Hi @CBaldwin 

Checkouts three months old or more that haven’t been updated in over a month, don’t have transactions, don’t come from draft orders, and have no orders are eligible for deletion in clean up jobs. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.