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I want to add an event button to the checkout flow (before the customer completes checkout), I have read through the documentation, but it doesn't apply. Can you help me with another solution?

Thank you!

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Any update on this? I'm trying to implemente a checkout UI extension but it's not reflected on the checkout. Has anyone been able to implement the extensions?

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Same for me. I create the app and add Checkout ui Extension. But It's not showing on checkout page. Follow the complete step mention on this Documentation. 

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Hi My,


Are you applying this change to a development store? Shopify's Checkout UI Extensions feature is still in development preview (although, last I heard, it is to be released soon). Because of this, you can't yet add such a button to your checkout in that fashion.


If your store is indeed a development preview store, I would follow the most recent documentation for making a Checkout Extension UI. Shopify's documentation for this feature has matured a lot since you posted this question... I think the best tutorial to follow is the one below, except you would add a button instead of a checkbox and text field:


If you are perform