Checkouts created with Checkout API are lost after account registration

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I'm building an app that uses the Checkout API to create a checkout and then redirects the user to that checkout's web_url. This works well as long as the store doesn't require users to create an account. For stores that do require accounts, the user is redirected from the checkout web_url to a sign in page. If the user already has an account, they are redirected to the correct checkout after logging in. 


However, if the user doesn't have an account and clicks the register link, after registering they are taken to the store's homepage and the checkout is lost.


Is there a way to make sure that the user's session is associated with that checkout so that the products are in their cart? Or is there a way to make sure that the register flow delivers a user to their checkout?

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Hey @dan_storiesshop , 


This is interesting, I don't believe I've seen this before. I'm able to replicate the behaviour, but I'm also not aware of any way around it. I'll make sure that the relevant dev teams are made aware of this so we can look into fixing it in the future, as it's not the best user experience in its current state. Thanks for pointing this out! 

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Thanks for your response Josh. It would be great if a checkout_url parameter could be added to the registration flow, like it is for the sign in flow. Since the registration flow drops a user on the homepage, rather than the cart, I imagine that conversion is negatively impacted as the user is now that much farther from completing a checkout.

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I was wondering if there was a resolution to this, or a work around?


I am experiencing the same issue, we have a secondary app that allows users to create a cart. We then redirect them to the Shopify checkout page using the checkout api.

The problem is that the users are always anonymous from our app, and if they choose to create an account on the Shopify Checkout page, then the url is lost and they must access our app again to recreate the checkout url.

Thanks in advance.