Collaboration Proposal: Orderly and Shopify

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Hi everyone,

We are excited to share with you the launch of Orderly, our third-party web application designed exclusively for Ukrainian users. At Orderly, our mission is to elevate the Shopify experience for Ukrainian businesses by seamlessly integrating with local delivery and payment services.

Our application, Orderly, focuses on providing a tailored and convenient experience for Ukrainian businesses and their customers. By directly connecting to Shopify through API keys and establishing partnerships with trusted acquiring systems, we ensure secure payment processing while adhering to the unique requirements of the Ukrainian market.

Inspired by the success of Checkify, we've developed Orderly with a similar innovative approach to integration with Shopify. Through our interactions with Shopify support, we've ensured compliance with Shopify's policies to guarantee smooth operation within the Shopify ecosystem.

We seek clarity on whether publishing in the App Store is mandatory or we can operate as a develop app, and validation through Shopify support suffices. Our priority is to ensure that our customers can use our application without any risk of disruption and blocking. We value your guidance in navigating this aspect of our app deployment process.

To provide a better understanding of our application, we've attached a video demonstrating the checkout process using Orderly []. Additionally, we've included a comparison screenshot showcasing the enhanced user experience of the Orderly checkout for Ukrainian clients [].

You can test our application using the following link: [].
We are committed to providing Ukrainian businesses with a seamless and user-friendly solution to enhance their Shopify experience. Your feedback and support are invaluable to us as we continue to improve and expand our services.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your collaboration and feedback.

Best regards,
Orderly Team

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