Completing a Checkout via the checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2

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Hello I am currently working on a mobile app where I display my shop and where I can use the full functionality of the shop (buying products etc.)
As of right now I have a private app.
I communicate with the Storefront API via graphql which lets me create a checkout, associate the checkout to a customer and even (as the docs state) complete the checkout.
Whenever I create a checkout, it immediatly gets added to abandoned checkouts( is this normal behavior?)
furthermore when I complete the checkout it says the following in the History tab of the order:
Unable to process a payment for €1,00 EUR on the card ending in ••• via card.
My process looks like this:

  1. I create the checkout via the CheckoutCreate mutation
  2. I get a token from the Stripe API as I send them the credit card information
  3. I complete the checkout via the checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2 mutation


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Hey @davidgetter 


What is the response from your last step? Are you receiving access denied, a permissions error, or 200? With that information, I will be able to help you troubleshoot. 


Thank you!

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Hello @vix
It looks like this:


Thank you for your time!