Connecting my store with another existing store

Connecting my store with another existing store

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Shopify store A - My Shopify store.

Shopify store B - Provider’s separate Shopify store that sells products on my own and other clients’ behalf.


  1. I would like store A to connect and pull through products from store B.
  2. I would like store B to handle the checkout, payments and fulfillment in their backend.
  3. Users should remain on store A on the frontend throughout the entire process without being redirected to store B even though store B will be responsible for the backend processing.


The main reason is because I’d like to retain customers on my own branded website while fulfillment, shipping, taxes and inventory are already handled through store B and I would like to streamline and automate the process instead of manually sending the orders and payments to store B.


Is this a possible integration?


Thank you in advance,


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