Conversion details unavailable to merchants for orders that were created via the Checkout API - BUG

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When the Checkout API is used to prepare the checkout, conversion details are not associated with the order.

This causes a number of problems:

- The "Sales by traffic source" report in the Analytics section cannot be used to understand sales per source

- Flow automation that depends on the source does not trigger

- The conversion summary in the order is empty: 


How can this be fixed?

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This is a huge issue as campaigns are not being attributed correctly. Transactions are being classified as direct traffic which makes knowing if an ad campaign is successful. I see this as a huge issue with Shopify Quickpay.


How can I know what advertising is working? What paid ads are working? What are good channels to spend marketing on?

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We are facing the same issue!
And running into the same problems as .

This is a major concern for us, as in how do properly track the advertising results and spendings?

How can this be fixed?

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We are facing exactly the same issue! Has any solution been developed since this thread was created?