Could I create or authenticate the user instead of Shopify

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  I have done some research on the Storefront API and there are a few APIs to manipulate customers' data, such as customerCreate, customerReset and so on.

  But I am not sure whether I could fully customize the page such as user login/registration/reset password.

  take the user's registration as an example.  I am going to submit the user's information such as email, password and so on to my own server. I will check the rules as my own and then save it to my own database. After that, I use the GraphQL mutation to create a customer to the Shopify.

   Is it allowed or feasibility? Thanks in advance. 

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You can't persist passwords against a customer, or authenticate against a customer in any way.

However, if you're authenticating customers within your own app/site, you could then associate an order via the API to that Shopify customer

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