CurrentSubtotalPrice price on an Order seems to include order level discounts

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We wish to display our order cost information the same way it’s displayed on the customer’s order information web page. That is: 


Item =  $10.00

Order discount of 10% = -$1.00

Shipping = Free

Total = $9.00


But when accessing `CurrentSubtotalPrice`, the value is $9.00 (already including the discount). On the description of `CurrentSubtotalPrice`, it states that `The subtotal of line items and their discounts, excluding line items that have been removed. Does not contain order-level discounts, shipping costs, or shipping discounts.` So shouldn’t `subtotalPrice` be $10.00 in this example?

This is happening regardless of whether the discount applies to an Order or a LineItem. 

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I'm seeing the same issue, did you find a workaround?