Custom checkout experience

Custom checkout experience

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What we are intending to build is an app which will offer a completely custom checkout experience.

We tried to get that using a Public App as Sales Channel. We were able to use Checkout API to build a Draft Order and a Checkout but when we tried to use Payment API it was not available and thats how we get to this point.

Is the Sales Channel Public App a good approach for that needs? Would it be better if we use the Storefront API? Or is there any other correct approach?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Lautaro 


Is this for one store or are you looking to build an app for the app store? Creating a Sales Channel will be the only route to go for this scenario it sounds like. You could utilize the Storefront API for a custom storefront, but for the checkout payment processing, you will need the same permissions as the sales channel. This needs to be requested from this doc here:

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