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Custom Checkout

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Hi there,

I'm currently trying to determine if it would be possible to integrate a card reader ( potentially from Stripe ) with a Shopify storefront. ( the goal is for it to be standalone, not merchant facing )

Has anyone done this before?

From my understanding in order to use card vault or the payment integrations like Stripe during the checkout process I can't have a storefront application - it must be a Public Sales Channel App..
( or ios / andriod ? it seems the BUY sdks for mobile allow this functionality - can anyone confirm? )

Could someone please shed some light on if it would even be possible to create an app using the Stripe integration on a single custom storefront checkout? Or am I wasting my time?


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Hi @lucymatch 


The card readers are meant to be used with our POS software. If you have the POS software on the device, you can process orders through the card reader. In regards to your question about the checkout, have you considered Shopify Payments, this is powered by Stripe and you would have no transaction fees and competitive processing rates. With any payment gateway you choose, you can use the Web URL as the checkout for your custom storefront. 


What reasons would you like to complete the checkout with Stripe vs. with the Shopify Web checkout? 


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