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Hello, some years ago I worked for a customer and developed a custom online store using Nextjs. I also built a custom solution for the admin panel and the backend. It is actually a gift store in which customers order gifts for themselves or for another person. There were some custom fields needed to place the order which are previously filled on the checkout: delivery date (this one is important because users need to select a date in which the other person will receive the gift), receiver name, receiver phone, some custom text for a dedication card, shipping fee, distance, etc. 

Another custom functionality is that the shipping fee is calculated based on the distance of the customer and the physical store. The shipping fee is calculated using an external Google API called distance matrix API in which given 2 points calculates the distance and once i get the distance I get the cost based on the distance provided


Now we are migrating the online store to use the Storefront API and I would like to know how to implement that custom functionality and custom fields.


I was thinking to add custom data / metaobjects to my Cart but i also need the fields to be visible on my checkout and once the order is received show the fields on the shopify admin


Is it possible to recreate my custom functionality using Shopify and the Storefront API?





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You can use the same methods?