Custom Mail for Forms

Custom Mail for Forms

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Hello there,


we want to develop a custom form on one of our clients shopify shops where customers fill in required information in form of a questionnaire. This form should not be the standard contact form and therefore be send to a different mail. (not the contact mail from the shop).


We built it so far using and changing the Contact Form Section from Dawn Shopify Theme, but unfortunatly there is no way to change the mail the data will be sent to. Even when building the form using a custom html section, the mail:to parameter will be changed automatically by liquid.


How can this be fixed without using a third party form builder? We want to design and built the form by our own, we just need the opportunity to change the e-mail adress where the data is sent to. Shopify support suggested to ask here if this is possible with an API call or liquid string. Any ideas?


Thanks for helping us out!

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