Custom Middleware or CDN triggers rate limit on APIs

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We have a middleware layer between our custom frontend and the Storefront API.


This middleware handles some additional actions before moving data to the Storefront API and handles backend double checks on meta fields. As our middleware has a single IP, it seems to trigger rate limits that make Shopify difficult to use on scale.



1. Is it possible to use a X-Forwarded-For header to forward the client IP (that does not seem to work, perhaps due to a misconfiguration)?

2. Why is the REST API recommended in some topics, does that not have the same IP based rate limit?

3. How would a custom extra CDN work (not only the one from Shopify); or is that also not possible?

We're a bit at a loss on how to bypass this issue. Thanks in advance for any support you're able to give.


PS: This topic seems to be related, but ends in a private conversation..

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