Custom payment gateway with the Storefront API

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Hello board!


I am aiming to develop a custom storefront for my store, written in Angular. My issue is a bit specific. The store is based in Bulgaria, which unfortunately discards the option for Stripe payments (the easiest to use with Storefront API checkout mutations).


Regarding the third-party providers Shopify supports, some are available here in Bulgaria. After researching, I came to the conclusion that I am able to access them programatically through the Shopify Card Vault. When I receive the vault id, the process becomes a little unclear to me.


Let's say I'm using 2Checkout. I send the card details to Spreedly (or to the vault directly), receive my vault id, and pass it to the Storefront API. In the docs it is stated that the payment is afterwards carried out by the chosen gateway, but 2Checkout is an offsite gateway with their own card details page.  Does my customer need to re-enter the details, or is the payment processed instantly? Are there providers I can use in my own app, that are able to process the payment with Shopify Storefront API?


I was also looking for alternatives to Spreedly, preferably cheaper than $200/mo, that can tokenize cards and generate a vault id.


Please share if you have any experience integrating a third-party provider inside your storefront, and be able to checkout with the Storefront API at the same time.


Thank you!!




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Hey @Sound_Vault,


Looks like you got clarification in another post. Let me know if you're still stuck!

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