Custom storefront domain and shopify store domain

Custom storefront domain and shopify store domain

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We use the Storefront API in our NuxtJS app, we have build our custom storefront on it. We have a custom domain for it. eg:
But all products in Shopify use the shopify provided domain. eg:
Issue is that the third party apps that are integrated picks the product url from shopify store when sending emails to users which is the wrong url as we have built our custom storefront. Also the checkout domain is of shopify. 
Is it possible to have my custom storefront domain set as primary domain in shopify? if yes, how will that work having my custom app and Shopify store on same domain?
What can be possible solutions for the third party apps to use the right domain?

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not possible You need to point subdomain in your Shopify 

for example:

Custom store URL:

shopify store URL: