customerUpdate mutation deletes previously saved addresses

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I have a workflow where I create a customer with two addresses using the Sanity CMS. When I create a new user, both addresses show up for the customer in Shopify. Whenever I try to update the addresses using the customerUpdate mutation, only the addresses where the object has changed, are saved to Shopify.


If I edit one element on both addresses (invoice and delivery), both are saved to Shopify. But if I only edit one of them, the other one is deleted.


I saw this thread, but it seems that the id method is deprecated.



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I have the same issue right now. I'm trying to update customer addresses list using `customerUpdate` mutation by just providing customer id and addresses list. Were you able to find solution?

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Same issue here. The GraphQL mutation customerUpdate deletes existing addresses even though I'm sending an address. This looks like a Shopify GraphQL bug? 

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