Development Environment Best Practices?

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I work on a custom headless storefront, powered by the Storefront API. Recently our team has been running into pretty consistent friction when testing admin-level changes due to a weak staging environment setup. 


We have a second Store under our Shopify account that's configured to use a Bogus Gateway etc., and in theory should be a 1-to-1 replica of the data stored in our main Store, but keeping that data in sync is currently a manual process –– as a result, things frequently fall out of sync and make it hard to feel like we're safely launching features.


As an example, we'd like to add new variants to a product, but doing so will immediately cause our site to display the new data. We can add guards to our code so that the new information is ignored, but ideally we'd be making the admin changes on our Staging Store first. We can add the expanded product to that 2nd Store, and point a local deployment of our site to that environment, but then we're missing metafields and asset files that impact our ability to QA the changes on site.



I'm very curious how other members of the community handle things like this. Is everyone just paying for 3rd party apps to keep stuff in sync? Are we all just yolo-ing changes? I'd love to understand where our team's workflows can be improved, any resources or anecdotal information would be greatly appreciated.







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