ERROR #gatsby-source-shopify_111002

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Hi, am using Shopify & Gatsby for an online store. It worked well, but I recently ran into an issue where I can't build the front end, as I am getting build errors. I haven't made any code changes to the Gatsby code recently, so I believe it has to do with changes I've made on Shopify. I tried a brand new build with the Gatsby Shopify Starter, but I still get the same errors. I tried changing API access and version, but that hasn't made a difference


The error I'm getting when I run "Gatsby Develop" is:

ERROR #gatsby-source-shopify_111002

Received error 404 from Shopify: {"errors":"Not Found"}


Error: Not Found

- client.ts:40 Object.graphqlFetch [as request]

- task_queues:96 processTicksAndRejections

- operations.ts:115 cancelOperationInProgress

- make-source-from-operation.ts:37 sourceFromOperation

- gatsby-node.ts:94 sourceAllNodes

- gatsby-node.ts:215 Object.sourceNodes

- api-runner-node.js:487 runAPI

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