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Hello, I hope you are doing well.


I have some problems with the "first_time_accessed" variable that helps to prevent conversion tracking code to fire several times.

The problem is that it never get initialized nor set to "true" therefore the tracking code is not executed.


I tried to debug this by logging the content of the variable and it always shows "null" as you can see on the screenshot in the developer console.


That would be great if someone has any idea of what's going on.


Thank you


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We seem to be facing the same issue. Here's how it looks to our marketing team: "While we tested, we noticed that if first time accessed is super buggy, so the code within that command fired 2 times in roughly 10 tests. We tested various setups, with GTM, without GTM, different code placements... and actually found out that this if first time accessed command is not running properly."

Will appreciate any info about real-world usage of this functionality, life hacks, etc.

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Unfortunately I still didn't find any solution and I am actively searching for one if someone knows how to fix this

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I can see that the issue also depends on the payment method. Whenever I pay with Klarna, first_time_accessed never becomes true unfortunately.