Formatting issue on Description field

Formatting issue on Description field

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I have an integration with an inventory management software that pushes product data (new and updated) to my Shopify store. My issue is that when the data for the Description field comes across, it loses all the formatting i.e. tabs, new line etc. I've checked on the inventory management software side and they are not stripping the formatting, so it seems that Shopify is doing this. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to overcome it?


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Are they pushing to body_html in REST, or descriptionHtml for GraphQL (graphq; bodyHTML is depreciated)

Is the html valid or have strange characters or encoding, etc 

(what happens if you try to CSV upload one of the descriptions or put in the rich text editors html-mode?)

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Hi Alih, 

Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I'm experiencing the same thing. The product description looks very odd and loses all formatting in Facebook and IG shops.

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Hi! I'm facing a similar issue as well. I'm using NextJS to build my eCommerce site and that uses the GraphQL API to query for products. I am then trying to use on-demand revalidation for that when the client makes updates in Shopify, NextJS can automatically update it. Unforunately while the graphQL api has `descriptionHtml` the webhook API returns it as `body_html`.


Is there anyway to handle this in NextJS or get the webhook API to return object keys as how they appear in the GraphQL API?