Free shipping discount not allowing customers to pick shipping method

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Hello, im looking to get help solving a problem im having when applying free shipping discount. The free shipping discount seems to apply but when it does it removes the options for my customers to choose between "regular shipping" and " white-glove delivery" which is a key part of my furniture business.  Is there anything i can do to solve this? Store theme is Refresh 2.0.2 


When i messaged the bundler team for help this was the response.


Unfortunately, due to technical limitations with the Shopify Draft Order API, our Bundler app can only apply Free shipping on the entire order, and cannot offer other delivery options.
It is the same principle as if you go to Shopify Admin > Orders > Create order > add an item > Payment > Add shipping > Free shipping.
While I would like to help you solve this, unfortunately we are limited by the Shopify API.
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