Fulfillment API - Request External Fulfillment

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Hello there Shopify Team,


I will try to explain it simply so it won't get confusing.

Shopify shop name: bissellpetnetwork


There are two orders in question here:

1. Order 1 - 4192222675038 (ok)
2. Order 2 - 4574735663176 (not ok)


As we can see, both orders have line items with "fulfillment_service" of "endless-aisles". When we fulfill Order 1 through the Fulfillment API, we managed to request for a fulfillment to "endless-aisles".



However, when we fulfill Order 2 through the Fulfillment API, rather than requesting for a fulfillment to "endless-aisles", it went straight into fulfilling the orders (please see attached file: request.txt)



Could you please enlighten us how to "request for a custom fulfillment service" when fulfilling the order through the Fulfillment API? 

Also, the FulfillmentRequest does not work (https://shopify.dev/api/admin-rest/2021-10/resources/fulfillmentrequest#top) as it needs the custom fulfillment service to be type of "api".


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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