Get a checkout object using API

Get a checkout object using API

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Hello! 🙂

We use the shopify platform. We have an online shop.

We have a specific task:
a) we have the checkout url: ;  34cec6f6fa244ab00ab17f3762cf3fa9 is a checkout token
b) we need to get this checkout object using a shopify API. We have only the url above.

1) GET /admin/api/2020-01/checkouts/#{token}.json (the docs: ) - it doesn't work. The endpoint accepts only a checkout id (but not a checkout token). There is the typo in the docs.


1) How can we get the checkout object using the url:
2) How can we 'get a checkout by a checkout token' using API?


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Hi @maxim-danilov 


The checkout API is to be used by Sales Channels. It will retrieve the checkouts that it has created. Are you building a sales channel or is this a private app on an individual store? What is the intended outcome? 


Let me know and I can assist further, 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I am using private app