Get stuck with setting up Android Buy SDK

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    I'm trying to build a private app that uses Android Buy SDK  and google pay. Then I saw these 2 materials and get confused about how to set up the SDK and google pay properly.



    I guess for setting up I should follow the first link. But how do you get the public key for google pay? (like 7:50 in link 2 video

    However, if I follow the 2nd link, I got stuck by not being able to find "Mobile App" when clicking on the add button on the Sales Channel.

    Is there anything I missed? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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Hi @sangjar2020 


Sorry for the confusion. Since that video was made, there have been many updates to the API and to the admin portion that displays these settings. For a private app, you do not want to make your app a sales channel. Private apps are for a single storefront and handle authentication in a different way. A sales channel now would be defined as supporting many merchants - think large sales channels such as social networks etc. 


Let me know how this goes. 


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