Getting referenced variant with GraphQL

Getting referenced variant with GraphQL

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I'm using the Storefront API and Accentuate to try to get my hands on a specific variant, but it won't work for me.


THE SHORT VERSION: When I select a variant on the website, I get the url: (... url ...)?variant=31696763027492. How do I get my hands on these numbers after the = for the variant in GraphQL? It does not match the ID.


In a product variant, I reference to a variant of another product (with Accentuate). What I need to get out is the variant that I am referencing to.

When I pull out the variant that is being referenced to in the product (as metafield, with GraphQL), I get this:


"key": "products_in_package",
"value": "pakke-produkt-gavepose:31696763027492"


My problem is the numbers after : in the value. I've found that these are the number that come after the URL of the product when choosing the variant on the "actual" shopify website ((... url ...)?variant=31696763027492), but I can't see how I can use them, since I can't find these numbers on the actual variant through GraphQL.

It does not match the 'id' or anything else I could find on the variant. Neither can I include the numbers if I try to get productByHandle.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can I use it to get the actual product variant through GraphQL? Or ideas on what else I can do to connect a specific product variant to another product variant?

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I assume you are confused by Storefront API id's.


You can read about it more here:


Essentially, the id in Storefront API is a base64 encoded version of the id in a format gid://shopify/ProductVariant/<your_variant_id>

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