Gift Card Encrypted

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Hi All,

We are integrating Shopify with third-party POS applications. The requirement is related to the Gift Card. 

Whenever a Gift card is purchased by the customer from the Shopify store and an Order is created. When we retrieved this Order Payload the Gift Card number is coming as Encrypted, similarly when the customer redeems this gift card against the Order then also the order payment payload has the encrypted gift card number.

Our requirement is whenever any Gift card is sold from the Shopify Store, the Gift Card should be redeemed at Physical Store POS as well. To achieve this we need the Gift Card number purchased by the Customer from the Shopify store however in the Order Payload it is coming Encrypted.

How to get the actual gift card number instead of an Encrypted one. Can anyone suggest to us the workaround or the way to handle this scenario?



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