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Good morning evening afternoon all,


i'm getting started with shopifys IOS sdk and in following the offical readme on GitHub, I keep getting an error that I can't get rid of. I've followed the setup and pasted the example code line for line and I get This error no matter what project I try to use it on (full code in attachments) 


Value of type 'Storefront.ShopQuery' has no member 'currencyCode'


Has anyone experienced this issue? am I missing somthing obvious> if so I'm sorry I've done the customary ramped googling but I can't seem to find another thread that's experienced a simmilar issue. any help you can provide would be extremely appreciated

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Hey @Lydess,

I took a closer look and noticed that this would be a Storefront API request that includes the currencyCode field on the Shop object, and did quick cross-reference with our most recent release notes (full list here).

This was a breaking change, and just one of the many previously deprecated fields that has now been removed, also seem in the Shop object documentation using the toggle to show deprecated fields.

A request to update our examples to reflect these changes has been passed on to our developers, however there is no timeframe on when the readme will be updated. For now, I'd suggest using the developer documentation on as a reference of available requests, objects, fields, etc. 

Hope that helps clarify! - Cheers

awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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