GraphQL APIs for Order checkout

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Dear Experts

I am developing an app and using GraphQL apis 

When the user checkout what all API should be used

I am not able to get the order ID 

I checked this one


As well as this link


Both do not have the order ID being returned as a response 

Can you please confirm how I get that

After I Get the order Id from the checkout process is when I should be calling the payment gateway service right?

Kindly help understand the end to end flow. 



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Is there anyone who could answer and assist?

Shopify Partner
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I am currently working on the same checkout process. I am not there yet but I believe, if you do the complete checkout using one of the APIs, it returns the order object which contains the order number. I am hoping this is enough to complete the checkout process and display the order confirmation as such. I hope this helps!

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