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Hi Guys,


Is there anyway to add custom fields to the checkout, without creating a custom checkout on the frontend. Ideally I'd like to use shopify's headless checkout and add a field that allows people to select if they're VAT Exempt if they're disabled.


Also, I've noticed https://www.netflix.shop/ uses Shopify along with their headless checkout, does anyone know how they've managed to have the same domain for the checkout and their front-end application. As mine goes to xxxxx-xxxx.myshopify.com 

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Hi Gregory,


Have you possibly figuring it out? 


I also build headless commerce using Shopify, Webflow and Airtable for SME, and it drives me crazy, that in order to customize the most crucial part - the checkout - you have to pay 2000 dollars monthly for Shopify Plus. Even if you need to add only one or two text fields.


When it coms to netflix.shop - I use a subdomain too. Are you sure that they use external front-end framework?