Headless Multipass Checkout login

Headless Multipass Checkout login

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Hi, we have a headless implementation of Shopify with our own agency CMS.  The client has moved up onto Plus so we can implement multipass and allow customer accounts on the front end which provide a logged in experience at the checkout.

The issue we face is that even with the multipass access token this doesn't log the user in at the checkout, it simply pre-fills the email address for the user. 

What is the correct process for this?  The API documentation seems to suggest the multipass token is for amending the customer's data but not to provide Shopify with a link between the headless cart and the Shopify hosted checkout.



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Hey @KayoJustin 


With multipass you now have the customer access token, if you want to view customer data or update it you can with this. If you are looking to include shipping address information in the prefill too you can do so with: https://shopify.dev/docs/storefront-api/reference/mutation/checkoutshippingaddressupdatev2?api[versi...

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I have the same question. When transitioning from my storefront to the checkout, I can input the email and shipping addresses from the user (via the customer acces token). Ideally, I'd like users to be automatically logged in during the Shopify checkout process. Can this be done in any way? (Via multipass?)