Headless store internationalization. VAT & Country specific pricing.

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I am working to allow our headless store to be able to operate in the EU.  In doing so, I need not only to get the prices in a different currency (presentment prices) but will also need to include VAT.  We are currently able to get prices in different currencies but cannot solve the VAT issue at the moment.  Does the GraphQL API offer this?  Is there another way to do so?  Ideally, we would get the VAT with the product pricing but open to other options.

Additionally, we need to able to adjust product pricing based on the country being sold in.  Either a % or additional fixed amount.  Is this a possibility?

I appreciate any help and guidance.

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Been through similar experiences. You've probably solved this already.
Ex VAT as I understand has no official support. However you can work around it by creating all variants ex VAT shipping also ex VAT.
You then need to click off all the boxes in Tax Calculations. Then on the frontend you need to add the VAT to the products and to the line item totals etc for those countries that are within the EU not (EES).

Multiple currencies can only be handled with Shopify Payments.