Help for publishing our Loyalty Card Shopify App

Help for publishing our Loyalty Card Shopify App

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Hi, hope all the great people here are doing well.

We are trying to publish our Loyalty app on Shopify store but there seem some issues before it gets through the review process.

Kindly go through the summary of the app we are building so that you can suggest the correct workflow to build the App :
So the app allows the merchant's customers to load up their digital loyalty card so that they can place the order without paying again and again for each order.
This also lets customers earn points/stars which can be redeemed for various rewards set up by merchants.
If you are a customer of Starbucks then you should have got that this is exactly how Starbucks rewards work. We tried to make something like that so that Shopify merchants can also build a closer relationship with customers.

We are currently using draft order API and completing It as paid once created. This is the process that does not involve Shopify checkout.
And If the above process violates Shopify rules, Kindly suggest a thorough process to make things work.

The Shopify app review team told use that app is prohibited as it bypasses the Shopify checkout. And advised us to build a sales channel instead and use checkout API with it. But It does not look correct to build a sales channel just to process the order as we don't have the requirement to list down products on any custom website or app.
And even If we create a sales channel, we will not be able to checkout as a prepaid order.

Kindly suggest what we can do in this case.

Thanks and Regards



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