How do I give Shopify my Stripe Account ID for checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3 (dev mode)

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Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to build an app using the Storefront API. I am trying to complete a checkout using the Checkout API and Stripe. I followed all steps in the outlined guide. I have also enabled Shopify Payments in my Shopify Development Store and enabled test mode.

Every time I try to complete the checkout, it returns the following:


The transaction seems to never be completed and I see no new transactions in my Shopify Development Store. Instead, I see my checkout in the "Abandoned checkouts" section of my Shopify Development Store's dashboard.


My hunch is that this is related to me not passing the `shopifyPaymentsAccountId` to the Stripe API when creating the card token. However, I also cannot pass it because the Shopify API always returns it as `null` when I try to query it (see below).


In all the documentation it tells me to "provide Shopify with your Stripe platform account ID". However, where do I provide this ID? I am just trying to build the application in Dev Mode for now.


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Hey @TimF 

Thanks for getting in touch - I checked backstage here and it seemed that your app had not requested the payment processing scopes based on the forum email address that was used for this Shopify Community Forum post. I couldn't quite find an app with the approved scopes tied to that email.

To explain, to use checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3 mutations, the app would need to be setup as a sales channel and have requested payment processing (docs).

The Stripe Platform ID mentioned in the docs (though it's not overtly clear, we'll work on improving that!) would be supplied during the process to request payment processing.  There's a guide to requesting payment processing here too if need be. Let me know if that helps! Thanks.



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