How do I set up my app so that my Gatsby GraphQL has access to the Store object?

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I am working on a Gatsby + Shopify integration, it is going well so far, however, I have entered a roadblock where GraphQL does not seem to have access to the Shop object. The reason why I am asking this is that I have a "Global" object that I need to display across pages. There are plenty of tutorials to do this with Liquid but when it comes to querying data with GraphQL the custom meta fields seem not to be available... well the Store object is not available for querying. Even when you look at creating a Custom App (that is how you have Gatsby getting the data in the back end) there is no option to select the Store object (see image 1). However, using something like Insomnia and the REST API along with GraphQL I am able to get data against graphql.json (endpoint) (see image 2)...


Does anyone have any idea why that is?


Image 1



Image 2:




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