How does salesChannel work? I want to filter products that are imported by private app.

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According to the readme here:


salesChannel: string

Not set by default. If set to a string (example My Sales Channel), only products and collections that are active in that channel will be sourced. If no sales channel is provided, the default behavior is to source products that are available in the online store.

Note: If you set up your site with the Gatsby Cloud Public App integration, salesChannel is set for you.

Note: If you want to filter products by a Private App instead of Public App or default sales channel, you have to provide App ID instead of sales channel name.


I have sorted all of my different products by vendor in shopify admin and then made each group of products available only to certain sales channels. 

I have different private apps created, for each sales channel. 

But when I import the products, I always end up getting all products, regardless of what sales channel they are in, or available to. 

I do notice that the products that are not available to one channel, while they show up, they cannot actually be purchased, as they aren't added to the cart.


Basically, I have several different sites, each using a private app to limit each site's "inventory" to just the inventory that is specified in the sales channel.


This DOES not work. I have tried both, originally tried the name of the sales channel, and then tried with the App ID ( which I am not sure is it... I looked at the url to open the private app and copied the number from there - it's looks like this:  333441694208

But that doesn't work either. 

No matter what, I am getting all products. 



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